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VTTS Financing

This project was for the launch of a new equipment financing business. The client needed a stronger online presence which was especially important during COVID. I was also hired to design the website and make sure it fufilled their SEO requirements.

Look & Feel

During this project, I felt like I started to finally get the hang of Figma as a web design tool. I designed the website from scratch as the client only had a few visuals and the logo. They wanted the website to look sleek and professional so I kept this in mind when drawing it up.

Client Relations

The more client projects that I work on, the better I get at scoping projects and understanding the client’s expectations. I’ve developed a better sense of what I need to do or learn in order to complete a project. I’ve also realized that even if I’m unfamiliar with a technology at the beginning of a project, I can easily pick it up through practice and online resources.

Future Improvements

As the client’s business develops, they expressed the future need for a more robust form submission to collect and store client info. Considering it handles confidential financial information, data security is a priority for them.