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This project was a static website that presents a custom iOS 14 icon set called Iconoclasm. It is built with the Gatsby framework. The creative side to building this website was a nice change of pace.

CSS & Layout

I took on this project after doing a Frontend Masters course by Jen Kramer. It helped me solidify and build on what I learned at Concordia. Through this project, I had the opportunity to practice my CSS skills more. The main challenge I worked through was with layout and positioning. It required a good understanding of the box-model and how to manipulate it with flexboxes and grids.


We created all the icon designs from scratch and at a large image size to keep them high-res when exported. This made the image files for the website inadverdantly large. I tested it in Lighthouse and saw a lot of room for improvement. Using gatsby-image to help with load times and lazy loading some components improved numbers by quite a bit! My goal is to learn more about web app optimization and accessibility.

Future Improvements

Gumroad was used as the digital delivery and payment service. It was a quick and convenient option to get the icons out on the market. I would eventually like to build my own checkout using a service like Stripe. Let me know if you have any suggestions for a more streamlined approach to digital delivery!