Hi there, I’m Avtar!
Full stack gardener, I mean developer.
What I like most about building websites and apps is similar to what I enjoy about gardening— seeing the fruits of my labour come to life!


Games with Hue

A set of interactive games using the Philips Hue API


Stasis Rehab

A website for STASIS Rehabilitation, a physiotherapy clinic.



A static website that presents a custom icon set called Iconoclasm.


VTTS Financing

A website for a new equipment financing business


Coming Soon!


Growing up, I wanted to be a physiotherapist. I find the mechanics of the human body amazing, and I really liked the idea of helping people. When I first began coding with basic javascript, I realized the power of coding and how it can also improve people’s lives in a different way. So I decided to change superpowers and completed the Fullstack Development program at Concordia University. Since graduating, I’ve been practicing my skills in JS, CSS, React, and nodeJS through contract work and personal projects.

I was born and raised in Surrey, BC and am currently based in Montreal. Chez Claudette has my favourite poutine ever.

I’m looking to work in a Development team and continue growing my skills and network. So if you want to learn more about my projects, don’t hesitate to reach out!

My Skills:

  • React
  • Javascript ES6
  • HTML & CSS
  • Git
  • NodeJS
  • Styled-Components
  • Gatsby

Currently Learning:

  • MongoDB
  • SVG animations
  • NextJS
  • Typescript
  • graphQL

Curious About:

  • IoT
  • Open smart home APIs
  • How to keep coffee warm
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