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Stasis Rehab

This project is a website for a physiotherapy rehab clinic based in Langley Township, British Columbia. The founders were looking for a better content management solution because the website builder they were using was too limited for their needs. They also wanted to freshen up the visual design in comparison to the templates provided by website builders.

Gatsby Integration

I built the website using the Gatsby framework. The resource base is full of helpful documentation and minimized the learning curve for using a new React framework. The plugins and GraphQL data layer also helped optimize things like image responsiveness and load times.

Contentful CMS

One of the client’s requirements was a blog component that they can easily update themselves. I figured a service like Contenful would work and it did much better than I expected. Gatsby’s Node API paired with the service made it simple to create dynamic blog pages. It also enables my clients to change the business hours, pricing strucure, and more importantly issue updates about COVID.

Future Improvements

I hope to add some SVG animations to improve interaction with users. This website also heavily relies on its SEO component so improvements to that will be ongoing. Another component that the founders have expressed interest in is a better scheduling system for clients to book appointments.